Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Denver, Colorado, United States


We believe in bringing craftsmanship back to technology, because as technology artisans, we passionately care about the quality outcomes we leave behind.

Quick intro to Versent (with more info at the end) - Versent are an Australian born technology company, focused on helping enterprises think and act like startups, by building highly available and scaleable technology platforms. We're 5 years old and in that time we've scaled to over 315 people across Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane), Singapore and (now!) Denver.

We're building an SRE team in Denver to be part of a soon-to-be global network of SRE's, supporting an Identity and Access Management (IAM) PaaS. You'll be working in our co-working space in downtown Denver with two other SRE's, while closely working remotely with both the build and SRE team in our Sydney HQ.

What's an SRE at Versent? Read on!

“What happens when a Software Engineer is tasked with what used to be called Operations”.

SRE’s at Versent will be a multidisciplinary team of Software and Systems Engineers who take ownership of running our platform and ensuring performance and reliability through automation and continuous improvement.

Our SREs are part of the Engineering team - we build and develop solutions and contribute to all stages of the product, from design and concept through to implementation.

The core focus for us, above all the tech, is having a great bunch of people working together with everyone learning and sharing along the way.


Our SRE’s will possess most of the following technical skills:

Our SRE’s exhibit the following behaviours:

Tasks our SRE’s will work on:


You will be one of the first employees (#3 in fact) for Versent in the US. You'll be supported by the entire team of ~300 in Australia, joining our super active slack channels (wait until you see our #dadjoke channel!) and being part of the Versent family, albeit a few thousand kilometers away.

At the core of what we do, we're an engineering company. We value our people more than commercials and put culture at the centre of everything. Here in Australia we do weekly internal tech meetups with food and drinks, host game nights, pay for your AWS training and certifications, and other relevant certs (if it's something you want to do). Our office in the US will build up to this, but you'll still be able to do events between yourselves and we might even be able to get a LAN party going across offices!

We have many social events, often supporting charity initiatives such as TourXOz and RUOK Day. We also have family functions such as lawn bowls, company picnics etc. We have a paid parental leave program. We embrace the notion of Versent as a Family, working together to achieve outstanding success. We have flexible working hours and a culture based on respect, trust and collaboration.


You know, work doesn't have to feel like work. In fact, we don't want it to. That's why we've cultivated an environment based on creativity. Because when people who care about their craft are given the freedom to explore possibilities without restriction, amazing things can happen.


No cool cliques, just hard-working humans generating ideas and devising solutions in a creative, collaborative work space. Professional but not corporate, we believe success is achieved through strong leadership (without interference from middle-management) and an autonomous working environment backed by the moral support of like-minded peers.


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